We understand that circumstances occur and that teams have to drop out of tournaments at times.
However once your team has entered a tournament the other teams listed there are counting on you being there.
If circumstances occur on your team that makes you short of players due to injuires or other reasons you should notilfy the director of the touranment as soon as possible. 

NC NSA will enforce the following policies for dropping out of tournaments

(1)  If your team drops out 14 days or later prior to start of the tournament there will be a $25.00  penalty.
(2) Teams that drop Monday the week of the tournament will pay a $50.00 drop fee.
(2)  Teams that drop Tuesday the week of the tournament will pay a $75.00 drop fee,
(3)  Teams that drop out Wednesday the week of the tournament will pay a $100.00 drop fee.
(4)   Teams that drop out Thursday or Friday the week of the tournament will pay the full entry fee.
(5)   These fees must be paid before your team can play another NC NSA event.
(6)   There may be rare circumstances where will drop the penalty fee.

(5)   State Tournament Drop Policy.  The NSA State Tournaments in  Rock Hill for 2016 are pre-pay 10 days prior to start of tournament. If your team drops by Monday at midnight they will receive a  refund minus $50.00 drop fee.  If they drop by Tuesday at midnght they will receive refund minus $100.00 drop fee.  There will be no refunds for teams that drop after Tuesday at Midnight
(6)  Teams that withdraw after being placed in Pre-Pay Special or Showcase Events will receive a refund -$50 administration fee prior to schedule being posted. Teams that drop after schedule is posted will not be eligible for a refund.
NOTE: The schedule for these events are posted in most cases 10-14 days prior to the events. Therefore any team that drops after schedule is posted teams will forfeit their right to any refund.
(7)  Teams that drop out of a NSA tournament 10 days or less and sign up with another association could be placed on suspension by NC NSA depending on circumstances.