Rosters, insurance and tournament payments

  • Your team must turn in a roster with all parents signed for girls playing that day before they play their 1st game.
  • Your team must also turn in a copy of your team insurance before they play their 1st game.
  • We need a good check or cash when you check in at the tournament.  We cannot hold checks
  • We CAN NOT accept multiple checks from your parents for entry fee.  We need 1 check or cash.
  • In double elimination tournaments the undefeated team will be home team unless that team violates the uniform policy.  Uniform policy states that if a team is not all dressed alike that the opposing team has a choice to be visitors or home
  • IF Games that start 5:00 PM or later will start in ITB anytime school is in session. 
  • Coaches that get ejected more than one time will be monitored and could be subject to suspension or to attend a anger management course.  The action taken is left up the the Tournament Site Director, The Umpire chief and the State Director

Note:  In 2014 we had girls get hurt on 2 occasions and either a wrong roster or no roster at all had been turned in at the time of the injury.  This is a violation of NSA rules and Insurance regulations. 

Policies on rosters and insurance polices will be strictly enforced at all tournaments.