Important information about NSA Rosters

The roster is a very important document that makes your team legal to play in NSA sanctioned tournaments.

NSA requires that all rosters are entered on line between April 1 and July 31 of each calender year.  Every player on your team in a tournament during these times must be in the on-line system or your team could be disqualified.  It is not permissable to write players names in on the bottom of the roster, that some of you term as guest players.

NOTE:  We now allow Guest Players , please refer to our Guest Player Link on the home page.

How to enter your roster on-line

After you have registered your team with NSA and received a sanction number for that year you should also receive and e-mail with instructions on how to enter your roster on-line.  If not you simply need your nsa sanction number and password to complete this process.
Go to, Click on Coaches, then click on Team Login and enter sanction number and password and then go to team roster.

In order to clear up duplicated players or other roster issues, all players must be entered on-line by Wednesday night a midnight the week of the tournament.  This will give NSA directors and you the coaches Thursday and Friday to clear up these issues.

Paper rosters
We allow teams to use paper rosters in tounaments that do not fall between April 1 and July 31 of that calender year.  Teams can also choose to continue to use the on-line roster throughout the entire year.  If you need a paper roster e-mail the director in charge of the tournament you are playing and they will e-mail you the paper document form.

A roster must be turned in at each tournament with all player, parent an coach signatures.  We file rosters after every tournament mainly for insurance purposes, however they may be used for other purposes such as determing player eligibility

Player releases

Most tournaments that occur between April 1 and July 31 of each calender year are considered  World qualifying tournaments.  NSA strictly enforeces rules concerning rosters during this time.  A player can only play on one team during this time frame regardless of age. 
NSA does allow a player to be released 1 time providing that the coach of the team allows the release.   We can accept e-mails from coaches of the player being released that must be sent to Howard Edwards State Director.  Released players DO NOT come off of rosters we simply change the player status to released.  Players release are NOT needed in tournaments that DO NOT occur between April 1 and July 31 of any calender year.