2016 NSA World Series Tournaments

NSA Eastern Class A World Series Ages 8U, 10U, 12U,14U,16U, and 18U- Evansville Indiana and Owensburg Kentucky July 18-24
NSA Eastern Class B World Series Ages 10U,12U,14U, 16U, and 18U- Nigarga Falls -New York Area July 17-22
NOTE:  The National Softball Association allows each state to set up guidelines for World Series Qualification Guidelines.

Class A  Qualification Guidelines set by NC NSA Directors and approved by State Director Howard Edwards
General Guidelines for 10U,12U, and 14U teams
(1)  Teams that participate in the Class A World Series should have a season record of .500 or better but not required.
(2)  It is required that all teams participate in at least 2 NC NSA tournaments plus the NC NSA State Tournament to be held in Rock Hill SC.  State Tournament Date for 10U, 12U  and 14U is Friday June 17 through Sunday June 19. 
(3)  Teams that win a tournament with 8 or more class A teams in their age group will only have to play that 1 tournament plus the State to qualify for the World Seires Class A event.
(4)  NC NSA State Director can make exceptions to guidelines set above in extreme cases where teams have to travel extreme distances to participate in our program.  Please contact Howard Edwards State Director on or before April 21, 2016 to ask for and exception.

Class B Qualification guidelines set by NC NSA Directors and approved by State Director Howard Edwards
(1)  Class B World Series teams should be teams that are not in the top 25% of teams in their age group in North Carolina NSA.
(2)  The National Softball Associaiton and NC NSA makes every reasonable effort to insure that our "B World Series" has ZERO teams participating that should be playing in the "A World Series". 
(3)  NC NSA is requiring teams that wish to participate in the B World Series to play in 3 NC NSA Tournaments plus the State Tournament in Rock SC.  10U, 12U and 14U Friday June 17-Sunday June 19. Teams in Eastern NC that are interested in the B World Series need to contact Howard Edwards 704 202 8584 before April 21, 2016
(4) There will not be any exceptions made for the Class B Qualifications.  We must insure that teams are truly Class B teams and participation guidelines will be enforeced.

Qualification Guidelines for 16U/18U Teams A&B
(1) The Spring playing season is very short for most teams in this age group.  Most teams cannot participate till the 1st or 2nd weekend in June.
(2) We also understand that a large percentage of teams have to committ to major showcase tournaments and pay for them sometimes 1 year in advance.
(3) However on the flip side we are requiring NC 16U/18U teams to participate in 2 of our showcase tournaments or 2 regular season (can be combined)   The Mighty Casey tournament can count in this number
(4)  It is next to impossible for us to classify teams in this short playing time frame.  We for the most part will trust you the coaches to make this judgement, HOWEVER we do reserve the right to re-classify your team based on your performance during these 2 events
(5)  NOTE The guidelines above only pertain to NC NSA teams.  If your team in from another state please contact your NSA State Director for World Series Qualification guidelines