NC NSA Guidelines for Guest Players

Revised January 26, 2017

We are allowing teams to have guest players to help teams that end up short of players on a particular weekend to be able to play.
We know and understand that girls have injuries and other issues that makes your team short of players on a weekend that the rest of your team had planned to play.
We strongly discourage teams from using guest players as try out players.  We also discourage teams from picking up guest players just to make their team better for that weekend.  There is nothing in the rules to prevent teams from doing these things however we do want to state our opinion.

A team can pick up 3 guest players for a tournament

The total number of players participating including guest players cannot exceed 12 players

Guest players CAN NOT Pitch- The penalty for a guest player pitching is forfeit of the game being played.  This must be pointed out by the opposing team same as illegal or ineligible player.

NC NSA will keep track of guest players and enforce guidelines in rule book that a player can only guest play 2 times per season

Guest players can not be used in State and World Series Tournaments

Coaches should carry additional copy of guest player form and show it to umpires and opposing team at the plate meeting prior to the start of the game

Guest player rules for North Carolina apply from April 1 to July 31 of that calendar year. During this time teams are required to enter all players on-line. Guest Players will be put on a paper roster (not on-line)

NC NSA request that teams use a paper roster from August 1 to the end of the calendar year.