NC NSA Guidelines for Guest Players

Revised January 1, 2020

NC/SC NSA Girls Fast Pitch Rosters/Rules and Guest Players effective 1/1/2020
The NSA rulebook will govern all play.   Coaches that have a NSA 2020 sanction number can login on-line and view the rulebook at

Rule Changes for 2020   Pitchers no longer have to start with both feet on the rubber.  The non-pivot foot may be on or behind the pitching plate as far back as desired. However once a toe is set no movement further is allowed
Spring Rosters NSA requires rosters to be put on-line between April 1 and July 31 of each calendar year.  The coach or team administrator needs to put the roster on-line and print off 2 copies and get them signed by a parent of each player.  You will need to turn in 1 copy to the tournament directors and keep the other for your records.  If your roster doesn’t change from tournament to tournament you can use your spare one to make copies and turn in for each tournament. If you add players to your roster you can also print off a new roster and get the parent signature of added player(s) and attach that roster to your original roster.
Spring Roster Player Releases NSA on-line system will not allow a player to be on 2 different rosters unless the player is released.  A player can only be released 1 time per season.  In some cases we have girls to start on 14U teams and then change to High School after school ball ends.  Other times players want to change teams for various reasons.  In most cases the tournament director can work with you to get releases done quickly.  PLEASE NOTE:  If a player wants to play on another team just for 1 weekend or 2 its better to use the Guest Player Option listed below
Guest Players  NSA allows each state to set guidelines for Guest Players. 
Please note that Guest Players only apply between April 1 and July 31 of each calendar year
A team may use up to 3 Guest Players Maximum on a weekend.   The total number of players that are participating in a tournament can NOT Exceed 11 including Guest Players
If your team plans to play NSA outside North Carolina or South Carolina please contact that State Director for their Guest Player guidelines.
Guest Player Change for 2020 for North and South Carolina
 We will allow Guest Players to Pitch using the following guidelines
A Guest Pitcher should be in the same class as the team (will be looked at on individual basis)
We also ask that no later than Wednesday of the tournament that you contact Howard Edwards or Annette Richards-Co-State Directors to discuss why you need a Guest Pitcher, providing her name as well as her team name.
Open Rosters for Fall and Showcases-NC/SC NSA teams will play with Open Paper Rosters August 1 to year with exception of Fall World Series.  Open Rosters will also be used for all showcase tournaments.   Rosters are also open January 1-March 31 or each year